Why is a Master Health Checkup Important and What to Expect in a Master Health Check-up?

With the busier life, everyone often ignores their health. But we forget that an individual’s health is the key to the well-being/happiness of the whole family. Furthermore, we all know that “Prevention is better than cure.” So, to stay healthy, we are required to stay up-to-date about our health. And this is why we need to do a master health checkup at a regular interval.

Master Health Checkup is very useful as it will be helpful to detect the diseases or signs of diseases at an early stage. This will make the treatment a lot more effective and less expensive.

Importance of Master Health Checkup

Master health checkup is very important for individuals (25 years and above). If done at a regular interval, one can live a healthier, happier and longer life. Here are the three main reasons why everyone should book a master health checkup soonest.

⮚      To Review your overall health – With the proper medical records, individuals can manage their health better

⮚      A Master Health checkup will help identify the illness in the early stage for detecting early signs of illness. Then the required medication and treatment will be prescribed by the doctor to nit it in the bid.

⮚      Helps you maintain a good lifestyle – Tests will give the overall health assessment. So individuals can change their current lifestyle to avoid any future health issues.

What to expect in a master health checkup?

Generally, master health checkups can be done anywhere between Rs. 3000 to Rs. 4000 depending on the clinical recommendations and person’s choice.

General Health Check-up tests

The exact tests for individuals can vary as per the person’s medical history or recommendations by the doctors or health care partner service provider. But before going through any test, the doctors ask the individuals some of the questions related to general health. Their questions are grouped as follows-

Clinical History – Cholesterol, Blood and pap tests are included in these tests. These three tests are the first ones that the doctors will ask the individuals to do. Also, the family’s health history is asked to detect any of the hereditary diseases.

Lifestyle – One’s lifestyle makes a big impact on one’s health. The doctors will ask the individuals several questions related to their lifestyles like life-work balance, level of physical activity and living conditions.

Normal Body Function – Also, the doctors will ask questions related to a daily routine like sleeping, eating, or bowel movements.

Tests included in Master Health Checkup.

Based on the preliminary examination, further tests will be suggested by the doctors. The general health checkup includes urine tests, ultrasounds, blood tests and x-ray. The doctors will suggest the exact tests as per the general health questions. But the below-mentioned tests are usually operatedby the doctor/physician as part of a normal health checkup-

● A general (preliminary workup) physical exam:

This includes the basic clinical exam that includes recording weight, height, BMI, and blood pressure measures.

● Blood Tests:

It is one of the important parts of a master health checkup. This test is performed to check infections, anemia etc.

● Liver and kidney function:

The kidney and liver function tests are performed to check whether these two organs are functioning properly or not. Also, with the help of this test, it is detected if the individual has any potential disease that will cause problems if left untreated.

● Blood Sugar:

This test is done to check the potential prediabetes conditions or diabetes. This test is very important because if detected early, it can be prevented by making changes in lifestyle in the early stage of the disease.

● An X-RAY and ECG:

This test is performed to monitor the vital functions of one’s heart, lungs, organs in the chest area, and heartbeat’s uniformity. With the help of this test, signs of respiratory infections/dangerous chest diseases, and cardiac disorders can be detected.

● Urine Test:

A urine test is done to know the metabolic health, fever, renal health, and even cancer.

Conclusion! With the help of a Master health checkup, individuals can avoid their future health problems or treat their symptoms of the underlying diseases for leading a happier life. In addition, identifying the issues earlier will help the doctors in performing the treatment effectively. So, book now for your Master Health Checkup at Pluspin, a trusted and advanced healthcare platform. It has collaboration with the best doctors as well as pathologists who provide satisfactory healthcare services. 

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