What is Plt ( Platelet count blood test) in Blood Test?

What is Plt in Blood Test?

Are you having issues like high fever, wounds not getting clogged properly, unexplained bruises all over the body? Well, if yes, then you are in need of getting the PTL Blood test done and we are sure that your doctor must have suggested this to you before. Now you must be thinking, what is PLT in Blood Tests?Well, here is the answer to your question:

What are Platelets?

For normal blood coagulation, there are tiny fragments of cells required. These tiny fragments are known as Platelets or Thrombocytes. The formation of platelets gets done in the bone marrow from the large megakaryocytes cells. Whenever the body produces these cells, the platelets get released into the bloodstream. The normal life span of platelets in the bloodstream is around ten days. After this time period, the bone marrow automatically replaces it with the new one or fresh one so that the normal platelet count can be maintained easily.

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The major role of platelets is to stop the bleeding whenever a blood tissue or a vessel gets ruptured. It helps in creating a clot around the wound opening. There is a protein in platelets that helps in sticking the blood vessel walls to each other and carrying out the clotting process. In order to have less risk of bleeding and stable clot formation, it is necessary for everybody to have a normal platelet count. In case the platelet count falls and becomes less than 20000 in a microliter, then the blood becomes unable to perform the clotting process. It can also become a life-threatening situation.

What is the platelet count test? 

In the platelet count blood test, the number of platelets present in the blood gets examined. Also, in this test, the condition leading towards the blood clotting problems get diagnosed. Platelet Test also helps in diagnosing issues related to bone marrow or any bleeding disorder or excessive clotting disorder. Sometimes the platelet count also gets abnormal when a person is on medication.

Why is PLT Test Conducted? 

Sometimes it happens that a person gets unexplained bruises on the body. Even in the minor account, bleeding does not stop. In such patients, the doctors usually suggest carrying out a platelet count test.

  • Apart from this, a PLT test is also required to be done in the patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation. In such treatments, a low platelet count is needed.
  • With the help of a platelet count test, doctors also detect the cancer of bone marrow or leukemia. In such conditions, the cancer cells reduce the bone marrow cells, and the platelet count gets lowered drastically.  
  • In kidney or renal issues also, the blood platelet count test is conducted.
  • Doctors also suggest to the heart patients to go for the platelet count test because if the number of platelets goes higher in the blood, then it can lead to blockage in the heart vessels.

How is the platelet test conducted? 

The PLT Blood Test also gets done just like another blood test. The blood gets drawn out from the forearm vein. The microscopic analysis of the blood sample gets done, and the doctor determines the number of platelets by analyzing the reports. The normal range of platelets in any bloodstream is 150000 to 450000 per microliter.

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Hence it was all about the platelet count test. With the help of the above-given information, you will be able to understand what the platelet count test is and how it gets done. If you also want to get this test done for you or any of your family members, then you can contact Pluspin. At Pluspin, we are having the blood test at home services available. Also by choosing us, you will get an amazing discount. The blood test charges are comparatively low than others.

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