What is Dangerously High Ferritin Levels

Ferritin test: what is it?

Red blood cells transport oxygen throughout your body thanks to iron. Your red blood cells cannot supply enough oxygen if they are deficient in iron. The body can also suffer from too much iron. Iron levels may be both too high and too low, indicating deeper problems.

Your doctor may advise a ferritin test if you have an iron deficiency or an iron overload. Using this test, your doctor can get an overall picture of your iron levels by measuring the amount of stored iron in your body.

Precisely what is Ferritin?

Your body doesn’t contain iron; it has Ferritin. Iron is stored in Ferritin, which releases it when the body requires it. In your body, Ferritin is typically found in cells. Very little Ferritin circulates in your bloodstream. Instead, Ferritin gets concentrated in liver cells (hepatocytes) and immune cells (reticuloendothelial cells).

When the body needs to produce more red blood cells, Ferritin is stored in cells. By signaling the cells to release Ferritin, the body releases Ferritin. Upon binding with Transferrin, Ferritin becomes ferrochelin.

Combined with Ferritin, Transferrin transports iron to the place where red blood cells are produced. As an iron taxi, imagine Transferrin. The importance of having normal iron levels goes hand in hand with having enough iron stored in the body. Conversely, having low Ferritin can lead to a rapid loss of iron.

High Ferritin Levels –

A very high ferritin level can also cause unpleasant symptoms. Over excess elevated Ferritin is characterized by:

  • Pain in the stomach
  • Pain in the chest or palpitations
  • Unexplained weakness
  • Pain in the joints
  • Fatigue for no apparent reason

According to the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC), high ferritin low iron can also arise when damaged liver or spleen. So, besides monitoring your overall health, the test can also help identify whether you have an iron deficiency or overabundance. 

What method is used to test high ferritin levels?

Ferritin levels are determined by taking a few drops of blood with the ferritin test. Before your doctor draws your blood, you may need to refrain from eating for 12 hours. However, it is more accurate to perform the test after not eating for a while, according to the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC).

Your healthcare provider may apply a band around your arm if they have difficulty seeing veins in your arm. After that, they clean the skin with antiseptic swabs and insert a needle into the vein to collect the sample. Later on, this sample is processed by laboratory officers to analyze it. No special preparation is needed for blood tests. 

Ferritin Blood Tests: Understanding Your Results

  • To determine whether your ferritin levels are within normal ranges or your ferritin blood test results will first be reviewed. 
  • Amounts between 20 and 500 nanograms per ml in men
  • An average woman’s blood alcohol level is 20 to 200 nanograms per milliliter.

Ferritin levels in blood differ in different laboratories. Therefore, there may be some differences in values between labs even though these are standard ranges. Ask your doctor about the lab’s normal range when determining what your ferritin level should be.

High Ferritin Levels: Causes and Effects

Having high levels of Ferritin indicates specific health conditions.

An example is a hemochromatosis, a disease caused by a surplus of iron in the body.

A high iron level can also result from the following conditions:

  • It’s a condition caused by arthritis
  • A hyperthyroid condition
  • Still’s a disease, a disease of adult-onset
  • Insulin-dependent diabetes type 2
  • Blood cancers
  • Blood cancers, such as Hodgkin’s lymphoma
  • Toxic effects of iron
  • A frequent need for blood transfusions
  • Hepatitis C, a chronic liver disease, is one example
  • Anxiety about restless legs

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