What is D-dimer Test in Covid?

At the end of 2019, havoc was created in the entire world by a dangerous and deadly virus named COVID-19. In India, over two million people were infected by coronavirus when the virus was found for the first time. And until now, there have been three waves seen in India with COVID-19’s different variants.

COVID vaccine is a great achievement and excellent support to fight and control the COVID infection, but it cannot stop the infection from spreading, although it decreases the risk of death due to infection.

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Initiative to help in controlling COVID infection spread:

Since the severity of cases and COVID infection is spreading significantly along with a new variant named Omicron, it becomes crucial to identify the covid infection in patients. Moreover, if the infected people get detected early, it reduces the risk of severe illness and death. Also, it can be somewhat effective in controlling the spread of covid infection. Although authorities and even government bodies are trying their level best to control the spreading of infection with social restrictions, public awareness is also equally important.

One step that can be effective to control the rapid spread of COVID infection is identifying infection in an infected person. And it is only possible through effective diagnosis to identify the infected person and know the severity of infection to ensure proper treatment.

Among many covid tests or home test kits, an effective diagnosis to check the severity of infection is the D-Dimer Test for detecting novel coronavirus.

What is the D-Dimer Test?

D-Dimer Test is a medical diagnosis that determines if the person has any clotting formation in the body. Typically, D-Dimer is a protein fragment that releases in the human body when blood clots dissolve. D-Dimer is also known as a product of cross-linked fibrins found in blood while there is blood clotting or it is dissolving. Precisely, people who suffer blood clotting disorders must take the D-Dimer test, especially in this situation of covid.

Relation between COVID-19 and D-Dimer Test?

Many doctors around the globe have researched and explained the relation of the D-Dimer test and COVID-19 or novel coronavirus. According to these researches, the test can determine the severity of infection in the patient suffering from coronavirus. People who suffer from COVID infection have abnormal coagulation functions present in their body, including elevated D-dimer.

If the value of D-dimer is more than 1μg/ml in the D-Dimer test, then it is more likely that the patient’s condition is quite severe, and the mortality rate could be higher in this situation. However, it is still in progress and cannot be said unambiguously about the probabilities related to the severity of corona infection only with D-Dimer. The coagulation function parameters are compared in samples that do not have coronavirus and infected persons. Moreover, D-dimer levels in COVID-19 patients are considerably higher and more severe. Hence, Pluspin suggest getting yourself tested with a D-Dimer test to ensure your safety.

Need of D-Dimer test in a COVID-19 patient:

As already stated, the D-Dimer test detects clots in the blood. There are some similar reasons to blood clots in COVID-19 infection where it is crucial to take the D-Dimer test.

  • We know that this novel coronavirus can form colonies in the lower respiratory tract, mostly in the lungs. The accumulation and spreading of the virus in the body increase the severity of respiratory problems. In such a case D-Dimer test is undeniably crucial.
  • In rare cases, symptoms like blood clotting are also seen in COVID patients, making it necessary to get a D-Dimer test.
  • D-Dimer test can appropriately detect the presence of blood clots in the body, even in the lungs of those patients who suffer from a severe covid infection.

So, please get yourself checked with the D-Dimer test if you feel shortness of breath or difficulty breathing as per the advice from PLUSPIN.

What higher D-dimer in COVID-19 patients indicates?

COVID-19 or novel coronavirus, is mostly related to lower respiratory tract infection that results in cough, fever, dyspnea, and lethargy. Conversely, in a few rare cases, the infection can progress into severe actions like causing multi-organ failure, DIC, and much more damage to the patient’s body. Therefore, it is crucial to determine whether a patient is at higher risk of severe infection or not to treat them early. A higher level of D-dimer values can help determine patients who might be at higher risk of complications due to corona infection.

Moreover, a D-Dimer test can rule out venous thromboembolism (VTE) in patients suffering from a covid infection. Still, an increased D-Dimer level does not necessarily prove that a patient has VTE. As the D-Dimer test has low specificity, D-Dimer in high level can be found in other conditions like trauma, liver disease, heart disease, etc.


It was all about the COVID-19 virus and how the D-Dimer test can help to identify its severity. Therefore, take help from a doctor before deciding your condition in the clinical context. Do not self-medicate or self-diagnose; you can take help for the COVID test from PLUSPIN.

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