Warning Signs of Your liver’s in Trouble


The liver is a part of the body that is just on the right side of your abdomen. It digests the food and removes the toxic substances from your body. Some of the diseases of the liver are genetic, where there are some factors also which affect the liver. Such are viruses, excessive use of alcohol, etc. So, one must get early treatment if he suffers from liver disease. Otherwise, it leads to various threatening conditions.

When we work continuously for some hours then one can easily understand that the liver is also working parallel. It takes time for the liver to filter the toxins from an unhealthy body. So one must keep his diet healthy to keep his body fit.

Signs of liver troubles:

When we talk about the signs of liver problems it may include jaundice, itchy skin, nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, swelling in legs, etc. And if you are suffering from such symptoms then you must consult your doctor within a short period.

1. Itchy skin:

One of the early signs that shows your liver is in trouble is that your skin gets rashes or it becomes red. The redness and itchiness on your skin show that you might have high levels of bile salt under your skin.

And to get rid of it you must consult with your doctor. You can book your doctor online and get the date of an appointment.

2. Bleeding:

Bleeding is another sign which shows that your liver is in trouble. You can bleed in your vomiting. Increased pressure in the portal veins causes bleeding. The function of the portal vein is to carry the blood from the digestive organs to the liver.

3. Loss of appetite:

Another cause of liver dysfunction is the loss of appetite. It results in weight loss. People who suffer from chronic liver disease experience nausea, abdominal pain, etc. For the appointment of a doctor, you can check online. Online bookings make you eligible to get different offers.

4. Jaundice:

It is a condition in which you have dark urine with a yellow tint in your eyes. This is one of the most common signs. A pigment that forms red blood cells is called Bilirubin. The healthy liver absorbs bilirubin.

5. Menstrual problems:

Such a disease can also cause abnormalities in the menstrual cycle.

And can affect the reproductive organs of both men and women. With the proper control of diet and drinks, you can improve liver functioning. It may enlarge the breast size and affect the menstrual cycle of women.

A person who is suffering from liver dysfunction has to meet the doctor in the shortest possible time. For such, you can check the doctors online and book your appointment quickly. Online bookings will provide you with various benefits in cases of offers and discounts.

Jaundice test in Hyderabad:

When you find that your skin and eyes are turning yellow then it is the situation that you suffer from jaundice. In such a case it is necessary to book the doctors. Many doctors can treat you through jaundice, but you can easily and quickly book your doctor online.

Online booking will be done by just sitting at your home. You can save both your time and money.

One can avail of many benefits by booking online. You can test easily without any trouble. The jaundice test is the test that assesses the Bilirubin levels. Serum Bilirubin test and urine test were also checked along with the jaundice tests. Book your doctor online.

Jaundice occurs due to the following:

  • Hepatitis
  • Pancreatic Cancer
  • Medications
  • Consumption of excessive alcohol

Liver profile test in Hyderabad:

To check if you are suffering from liver disease or not you have to meet your doctor. And have to make an appointment. If you find some of the signs in your body then you must consult your doctor. Online bookings for the doctors give you a wide choice. Liver tests function helps you to detect infections or it fixes the inflammation of the liver. AST, ALP, ALT, GGT is the tests that liver function includes. Liver function test does not include high cost. Before the test, you have to stay far from the food. The only can intake is water. The results of the test come different according to the age, gender, and health history of a person.

The procedure of booking:

  • First, you have to fill out the form.
  • After filling the form you will find the date of the appointment through a phone call.
  • The sample collector will collect a sample from your home within the specified time.
  • When he is collecting samples you will get a link to the payment.
  • And later, you will get your reports by email.

Book your appointment as early as possible and get the super benefits.

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