Things to Know about Oxygen Concentrator

What is an oxygen concentrator?

In the current havoc going all around the world due to COVID-19, the need of oxygen has exponentially increased. An oxygen concentrator is a medical device used for delivering oxygen to individuals with breathing-related disorders. Patients use this when there is low oxygen in their blood.

What does an oxygen concentrator do?

An oxygen concentrator is a device that supplies medical oxygen to patients having low oxygen levels in the blood. It is generally beneficial for patients suffering from severe hypoxemia (low SpO2), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and chronic sleep apnea require an additional supply of oxygen. 

It collects the air from its surroundings and extracts the utilizable oxygen out of it, which is further consumed by the patient.

When would you use an oxygen concentrator?

It is very useful whenever there is some breathing disorder in the patient. People who have trouble breathing due to conditions like; Asthma, pneumonia, Respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BDP).

How long does the oxygen concentrator last?

Its lasting depends upon numerous factors. For example, how long does 10kgs of tomato lasts in your house? It entirely depends upon the consumer requirements, at what rate does consumer consume tomatoes. The same analogy holds for oxygen concentrators; it depends upon the patient’s requirement rate for oxygen. 

Factors on which oxygen concentrator lasting depends are:

  • How large is your tank?
  • How many Litres Per Minute do you need?
  • Whether the patient is on continuous flow or pulse flow?
  • In general cases, the majority of the doctors advise using 2 Litres per minute and constant flow of the concentrator.

Do oxygen concentrators run out of oxygen?

It should not be used when the purity of oxygen falls by 80%. If the percentage falls below this, the oxygen won’t assist in the treatment of your illness. The lifespan of an oxygen cylinder depends on at what rate you use the concentrator and at which flow you use it.

How are concentrators different from oxygen cylinders?

The primary difference between oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators is the working principle of both of them. 

The concentrator collects the surrounding air and eliminates the nitrogen to provide oxygen, whereas the Oxygen cylinder stores compressed oxygen and lasts until it runs out.

Oxygen cylinder only offers a continuous flow of oxygen; on the other hand, oxygen concentrator provides both the type of output, pulse dose, and constant flow.

Things to consider while buying an oxygen concentrator

Oxygen concentration: The oxygen which, when filtered by the concentrator, produces a particular concentration of pure oxygen; the value of engagement is known as oxygen concentration. The design of the concentrator determines the effectiveness of the nitrogen-removing sieve system. A significant chunk of oxygen concentrators possesses concentration values between 87% to 99%. One should get the oxygen concentrator value which the doctor recommends observing the severity of the patient. A portable oxygen concentrator is a benefit for patients whose necessity is to transport.

Flow Rate: Flow rate is defined as the rate at which oxygen can travel from machine to the patient; the doctor prescribes the ideal flow rate you require for yourself. Oxygen concentrator generally provides a flow rate of 2 to 10 liters per minute range. One should best get it prescribed by the doctor as per the seriousness of the breathing issues.

Power Consumption: Like other home appliances, a concentrator also consumes power. It is advisable to purchase an oxygen concentrator that consumes low power.

Portable or Non-Portable: As per their health condition, the patient should opt between a portable oxygen concentrator or a home oxygen concentrator. Depending upon their lifestyle, it’s a personal choice to be made. The latest initiative by , understanding the seriousness of the pandemic and the struggling economy of the households is putting portable oxygen concentrators for sale.

Noise: Oxygen concentrator, while filtering out the oxygen, produces noise which may be a factor of concern when used in the long term. The noise level varies from 40-60 dB; one should purchase one per their ears sensitivity.

Warranty: Just as other electrical appliances hold a contract depending upon their specific brands. Each manufacturer has a unique warranty plan. These devices are used for the long term; one should consider reviewing its warranty beforehand it expires.

Conclusion: An oxygen concentrator machine is one of the most extensive life savors in this current devastating pandemic going on. Considering the major hit of the crisis on the income of all the families, launches an oxygen concentrator for sale, where you can get an oxygen concentrator at the most feasible price out there. 

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