All about the Covid-19 antibody test?

What is the COVID-19 antibody test?

The COVID-19 antibody test is a blood test done to check whether the individual has had a past infection with the virus. Your body creates these antibodies when they fight against the virus. Antibodies are proteins generated by the body to fight the virus.

How Does an Antibody Test Work?

1.)IgG antibodies: IgG antibodies are visible at the early stages of the infection. People generally have high IgG antibodies in the initial 14 days of the symptoms.

2.)IgM antibodies: IgM antibodies are generally known for showing up later.

The primary objective of this test is to ascertain the presence of antibodies in your blood, which will help determine whether a person got affected by the virus or not. A medical specialist will be fetching a tiny amount of blood from your vein and move it to the pathology lab. If the results test positive, you already have been exposed to the virus and possess antibodies. If not, you never got influenced by the virus and don’t possess antibodies.

Why Do We Need Covid Antibody Testing?

The antibody test plays a significant role in the COVID-19 pandemic. It can tell us if a person has been revealed to SARS-CoV-2—even if that person never manifested any symptoms or received a molecular diagnostic test. We are still learning about the virus every day; conducting this test tells us more about how much mass already has been affected and identifying how many of them executed symptoms.

How to get an antibody test at home?

There are two antibody tests, Rapid Antibody Test and Antibody Test Screening. Searching for the right location for testing may be troublesome, so why not the tests be done at home? Yes, you are at the right place Pluspin.  offers you such features as having a COVID-19 antibody test in Hyderabad. The covid-19 antibody test cost in Hyderabad is tentative around Rs500; we offer the best possible discount for the test takers to assist them from our end during this challenging pandemic.

Who should get an antibody test for COVID-19?

If you got exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, you could get an antibody test now; it is never too late to determine. The test is susceptible and efficient in determining the traces of the virus. If you are also having questions in your mind like which is the best COVID antibody test near me, then pluspin , assists you in finding COVID test home service in Hyderabad.

Primarily people who feel they have had symptoms should go for the test. The test is a must to do for the people who travel every day to their workplace; this test would make them know better about their immunity against the virus.

How long do covid antibodies last?

According to a recent study, antibodies received from a COVID-19 infection can last for at least ten months post-infection.  Around 87% of those who’ve had COVID-19 saw “extended antibody retention.”

Covid antibody test results range

COVID-19 antibody test results range basically under three subcategories, Positive, Negative, and Equivocal.

What does a positive covid-19 antibody test mean?

You produced the COVID-19 IgG antibody and have a high likelihood of prior infection. Some patients with past conditions may not have experienced any symptoms. It is unclear at this time if a positive IgG infers immunity against future COVID-19 infection.

The positive test does not mean the license to get panicked, and you could be optimistic that you already got antibodies that give you an edge over others for fighting the virus next time. But this does not mean you should be careless from now; you still must ensure proper sanitization and using masks whenever out.

Thinking about getting the covid antibody test at home?

In this pandemic period, it is actually not safe to step outside and get the Covid tests done. Considering the same, Pluspin with the partners is offering the service of “At Home Covid 19 Antibody Test”. You can easily get the covid antibody test done at home and results will also be available online.

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