Things To Do When You Test Positive For COVID-19

Coronavirus is a novel, globally spread virus that can take the life of a person who would get infected by its virus. So if you feel symptoms related to this virus on you, you should go for test COVID-19. After the test, if you find yourself positive for coronavirus, some important things are recommended to be taken care of to have the fastest and safest recovery.

Not all coronavirus cases are severe; the maximum out of all cases are mild symptoms and recovered. Even after you have dosed with vaccines, there is no surety that you may not have COVID-19 in the future; there are chances that it can infect you after so also. Thus, whether you are fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated or not vaccinated, you need to follow some important points that you need to do after you find yourself infected by this virus.

  1. Isolate yourself:

It is the foremost step that is recommended after you find yourself be positive with novel coronavirus, whether you have symptomatic or asymptomatic. It is important to note that isolation only restricts moving out of your home. The exact isolation is how you keep yourself from family members while living in the same house.

In an isolation situation, it would be best to keep eating and sleeping separately, clean your utensils, clothes, etc., and use the bathroom separately in your house. The best recommended period until you need to isolate yourself is 14 days. Try to isolate in a ventilated room. Always close the door to isolate yourself and use a triple-layer mask to avoid infection. It would be best to interact with your loved ones on social media. Try to develop some hobbies and other skills during the quarantine period to avoid getting bored.

  • Properly monitor your condition:

While you get infected with coronavirus, it is recommended to monitor your condition from time to time during the infected phase. Properly check your progress of recovery. Always keep an oximeter with you for checking oxygen levels and a thermometer to know the variation in body temperature.

It would be best to systematically maintain records of your health condition to know when you need assistance from the doctor when you feel the variations in your health. Eating nutritious and hydrated foods would make your immune system strong for better recovery.

  • Take medicine properly:

Experts suggest that taking some supportive medicines such as syrups for coughs and paracetamol for mild pain and fever during the recovery period would be better for your condition. But keep in mind one thing that never takes any medicines or antibiotics without consulting it with your doctor or any medical expert. Taking unprescribed medicine could harm you adversely by having caused you many side effects. And whatever the medicines you are taking and want to change it or change in doses, firstly consult with the doctors before you implement it. Always take medicine in time as recommended by the doctor as proper treatment helps in recovering fast than following a random schedule.

  • Remaining calm during infection is a must:

After you get infected with COVID-19, it is much needed that you should always remain calm and focused. Unnecessary worrying causes are only worsening of your health condition. It would be much good and early recovery when your mind remains calm and peaceful. Indeed, it becomes hard during the whole recovery time because it becomes stressful due to the severity of the virus in various people around us, whose severity reached such that they finally lose their lives.

  • Inform your doctor condition time-to-time:

It is not always the case that your mild symptoms recover into a complete recovery. Sometimes, these mild symptoms also turn into severe ones after you get infected with the severe disease of COVID-19. That’s why it is better to inform your doctor about your medicinal condition from time to time; thus, you would be out of risk of danger always.

Even if you find yourself positive with the virus after performing a rapid antigen test, you also need to report this to your doctor so that he can provide your information in the public health report to give an exact picture of infection by COVID-19 to the public.

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