Things to Know about Covid 19 RT-PCR test

What is a COVID-19 PCR Test

The PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) test determines if a person has COVID-19 or not by detecting the genetic material of any organism. This test is the fastest way to diagnose whether SARS-CoV-2 has infected the person or not. The test is an efficient way of interpreting since it is an expeditious, dependable, and reliable way of identification.

Who should get tested for COVID-19

People showing symptoms should prioritize the testing first above all. Those who came in close contact with COVID-19 patients should also get tested. Those who have to travel regularly should also get tested for the virus since it may get dangerous if someone acts as a transmitter for the entire workplace. One must go for the RT-PCR test for covid.

How does a COVID-19 PCR test work

The PCR is used to detect genetic material from a specific organism, such as a virus. There are three types of tests:

  • Nasal: The swab collects a mucus sample from your nasal cavity. A swab(flexible stick with a soft tip used for collecting virus samples), which manages the respiratory materials in the nostril, is sealed and sent to the lab for further diagnosis.
  • Throat: The swab collects a sample from the back of your throat, and then the sample is taken for further diagnosis.
  • Spit: You give a sample of your saliva necessitated for identification for the infection in the lab.

Once the samples are connected, we move on to our next step, commonly known as extraction. In this process, the technologist separates the genetic material of the model. 

Finally, a machine called a thermal cycler created millions of copies of the virus’s genetic material. In the entire process, fluorescent light shows up if SARS-CoV-2 is present in the sample. PCR machine detects the light and hence finally reveals the output of the test

Advantages of RT-PCR test:

The two significant advantages of the RT-PCR test are:

Demands less time 

RT-PCR test is highly efficient since it can deliver a reliable diagnosis in a few hours. The test takes less time make it easy both for the test conductors and applicants.

Low-risk contamination or errors

RT-PCR test can be entirely be achieved within a closed tube, providing a low risk of contamination or errors.

What is CT value, and why is it necessary

CT value helps in the identification of the intensity of the infection which the patient is suffering. CT value in RT-PCR indicates whether coronavirus is present in the body or not. CT value depends on the number of series of cycles after the virus is detected. If the number of cycles is more, the CT value is more; the virus is not present in the body; if the number of cycles is less, the CT value is less than the virus is present in the body.

How to get an RT-PCR test in Hyderabad

RT-PCR test requires at least one of the cards to verify the person’s identity; it may be an Aadhar card or any other government card. There are several RT-PCR test centers in Hyderabad performing the tests.

One must search for an RT-PCR test near me to avoid excess traveling across the city. The RT-PCR test price in Hyderabad is roughly Rs.999. The price seems a bit overhyped when we look at the current depreciation of the income in a family.

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RT-PCR test at home in Hyderabad is also an excellent way to reduce traveling, ensuring everything follows under the guidance of Covid protocols. RT-PCR test at home near you should be a practical choice if one opts for it.

One must think of RT-PCR test near your area and covid test home service in Hyderabad to ensure proper safety measures. The best part is finding RT-PCR test results online, making the entire process much more convenient, and Pluspin is always standing by you.

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