How to Protect Senior Citizens from the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19: The most vulnerable situation that each country faced in the past few days is the situation of COVID-19. Suddenly, all things change. People started to wear masks, and the sanitizer has become one of the common things. It seems like all things have vanished from the world. It became the time when people were afraid of death. Within a short period, the death rate rose to a great height. And the fear of the coronavirus made all things different.

Every member has a senior member in their family. The fear of viruses makes every member aware that they have to take proper care of them in each possible manner. Such a virus can catch old age groups easily and attack their health within a short period. All families start to take necessary precautions for their health. Today also it is a must to take such precautions.

One of the things is that there is no need for senior people to move outside. There is no such emergency where they have to move outside.But in case if they move outside they have to take proper measures. You have to provide all the items to them at home which is among suitable kinds of things.

The article provides some of the measures and precautions one has to take care of while dealing with the coronavirus and how to take care of your loved ones.

Measures and Precautions:

 1. Wear a mask:

The priority is to wear masks at the time of coronavirus. It seems that masks have become a part of life. When senior citizens move outside from their homes they have to wear a mask. There are some of the steps that one follows while they wear a mask:

  • One has to wash hands properly before putting on a mask.
  • After touching things, you have to sanitize your hands before touching your hands near to your face.
  • Make sure that your nose, mouth, and chin are covered.
  • When you take off your mask, put it in a clean plastic bag and wash it every day or dispose of it.

2. Use sanitizer:

You have to keep sanitizer with your loved ones if they move outside from home. You have to take proper care of them in each moment of their life. Make sure they have the habit of using sanitizer whenever they come in contact with things.

3. Spread awareness:

You have to make them aware regarding the virus that the virus can spread through physical touch. You have to maintain the proper distance from the crowd.

4. Keep rooms well ventilated:

Keep the room clean of your loved ones. Make sure that no one enters their room. And maintain proper arrangement in their room.

5. Dispose of the mask after use:

Tell them that they throw their used mask in the dustbin and not use it again.

What to do if the senior citizen suffers from the coronavirus disease pandemic?

  • One has to go in an isolation period of 14 days if he suffers from coronavirus. In such a period, everyone gets bored. You can support them to remove such boredom and loneliness. Arrange varieties of things for them like games and old movies to reduce the boredom then.
  • During the isolation and quarantine, older people need safe access to nutritious food, basic supplies, money, medicine to support their health, and social care.
  • All resources and information are available to older people for better health. If they fall ill, they know to take care of them.

Corona Warriors:

Corona warriors are among the ones who play a crucial role in everyone’s life during the COVID-19. Health and social care workers are among the ones who have a great role in providing long-term care to older people. Frontline warriors like nurses, and health care workers give the best of themselves.

Older adults are at a significantly increased risk of severe disease following infection from COVID-19. And the nurses are among one of them who take care of the old age people properly.


 We must support all health and social care workers equally and give special attention to those who provide nursing and social care services for older people. Because older people are at high risk from COVID-19, all of us, among all ages. Supporting and protecting older people living alone in the community is everyone’s duty.

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