How to Get Tested for Covid 19 near You in Hyderabad?

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in India, the country lockdown for the whole year of 2020. Because of the virus’s high community transmission rate, big Indian towns like Hyderabad. The high COVID 19 positivity rate of more than 40% in Hyderabad as of August 2020 signals that the pandemic is here to stay until a strong deterrent.

The government has implemented various testing procedures to guarantee that the covid tests are uniform and freely available to the general public in Hyderabad. In this post, we will show you how to obtain a quality Covid 19 test in Hyderabad so that you and your family may get tested for COVID-19.

Although the symptoms may seem similar to those of a common cold or other viral infections, several characteristics indicate that the condition is COVID-19. Among the signs and symptoms are

  • Cough, fever, and any breathing difficulties
  • A history of recent travel to COVID-affected nations
  • Patients received medical attention for SARI (Severe Acute Respiratory Illness) or ILS (Influenza-Like Illness).
  • Persons who come into direct, high-risk contact with COVID-positive patients
  • COVID-positive patient’s family members

There have been several significant changes that you should be aware of before taking the exam. The government has permitted private testing laboratories to perform COVID-19 tests on patients for the time being, and they have also set pricing for the required tests and expenditures.

The government has said that vaccinations like AstraZeneca and Covishield would be to asymptomatic persons. However, asymptomatic people will not to for COVID-19, according to the government’s COVID standards. To be eligible for a coronavirus test, you must exhibit the following symptoms.

Who should have an RT PCR test performed?

If you’ve recently been infected or suspect you’ve come into contact with someone who has, you should consider obtaining a Covid-19 test. Cough, fever, shortness of breath, bodily aches, or a sore throat are some of the symptoms you have.

  • You’ve had contact with a Covid contaminated individual.
  • You travelled to a high-risk area and were concerned about being infected.
  • It would help if you had a re-test since you are presently healing from the sickness.

For further information, please see our in-depth medical guides. Also, please visit one of our general doctors at MFine if you have any other health issues.

Suppose you have symptoms like fever, cough, dyspnea, myalgia, malaise, or headache that last longer than three days. In that case, you should look for COVID at one of the many reliable private Coronavirus testing centers in Hyderabad.

What makes COVID-19 so hazardous?

COVID-19 is ten times more deadly than seasonal influenza. Because this virus has never been seen in humans before, no one is entirely resistant. It is quickly transmitted from person to person and attacks the upper respiratory system, making it hazardous. Sneezes, coughs, huffing, and puffing may transmit the virus since it is present in the upper airway, which also encompasses the mouth and nose. Furthermore, persons who are COVID positive are unwittingly transmitting the virus even before they develop symptoms, and many others are exhibiting no symptoms at all. Many private COVID 19 testing centers have stepped up to assist citizens in getting their COVID tests completed and preventing the spread of the new Coronavirus.

COVID-19 by a virus related to SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome). COVID 19 virus infects cells more quickly and spreads quickly throughout the body. It affects the lower respiratory system, including the bronchial tubes and lungs, and may lead to pneumonia. The death rate rises with age, with persons over 70 years old having the most incredible fatality rate. People with high blood pressure, lung illness, renal disease, heart disease, and diabetes are at an increased risk of developing a severe infection. Some commercial laboratories have followed the ICMR criteria. The COVID testing by competent specialists at these private Coronavirus testing centers in Hyderabad.

How Can COVID-19 be stopped from spreading?

The following are some methods for preventing the virus from spreading:

  • People should keep as much social distance as feasible.
  • When they’re with other individuals, they should always wear a mask.
  • They should avoid crowded, close-quartered, or constrained environments.
  • To keep their hands clean, they may use alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • It is recommended that people refrain from touching their faces.
  • They should think about sanitizing and cleaning surfaces.

If they are sick, they should not leave their residence. After speaking with a doctor, they should obtain a COVID test from a licensed private COVID 19 diagnostic center.

They should toss away the tissue after sneezing or coughing into it and wash their hands.

People who have come into touch with someone showing signs of COVID 19 should contact their local health care practitioner to test them. They must self-isolate for 14 days if a testing facility is not accessible where they reside. They should all verify that they are compliant with local contract-tracing processes to prevent the virus from spreading.


The number of active COVID-19 cases in India has lately increased dramatically. According to specialists from prestigious institutions and research centers, there are primarily two variables that have led to the unexpected spike in COVID cases. Even though schools and universities follow the government’s stringent COVID regulations, many persons fail to follow the essential COVID criteria, resulting in a considerable number of asymptomatic carriers propagating the virus. Furthermore, the virus’s double mutant form has resulted in a significant increase in the number of infected patients. This new mutant strain is estimated to be 70 times more infectious than the previous one.

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