Full Body Checkup in Hyderabad

Usually a person visits a doctor when he/she is experiencing a new problem or for the treatment of chronic illness. There are very few people who see a doctor regularly just for routine health checkups. And that’s the main problem. Many of us only see a doctor when we fix the issue through over-the-counter medications.

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But the need for the hour is to follow the concept of regular full body checkup. Now many companies are setting up annual health checkups as a mandatory process for its employees. There is a proverb, “Health is Wealth”. It is not just saying, but the truth. For living a better life, one must be healthy and free from diseases.

How to keep yourself free from chronic conditions and other diseases? It’s very simple, just take good care of your body. Eat well, maintain balanced lifestyle, keep exercising and at last stay updated about your health.

The lifestyle of Hyderabad keeps the individuals occupied in the hustle and bustle of the city. So, the people of the city must do Full Body Checkup at regular intervals of time for a healthy and disease free future.

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Full Body Checkup Includes:-

  • General physical examination which includes height, weight, pulse rate, blood pressure etc.
  • Blood Tests to diagnose infections, amenia, or other blood related diseases
  • Lipid Profile for assessing the cardiovascular risk
  • Kidney function tests for monitoring the proper functioning of the Kidneys
  • Liver Function tests assessment for keeping track of liver and diagnosing Liver related diseases
  • Blood Sugar, to check the glucose level in blood for detecting pre-diabetes and diabetes
  • Urine test to monitor the metabolic diseases and general assessment of health
  • X-Ray for studying the chest and organs related to chest
  • ECG to monitor the uniformity of heart beat and heart rate.
  • Ultrasonography is used for keeping the track of abdomen including kidneys, liver, pancreas, spleen and gallbladder 

Which health check up is right for you?

Generally, full body checkup is further divided into three types – Basic Full
Body Checks, Full Body Checks and Advanced Full Body Checks. Individuals can choose the test as per their need and doctor recommendation.

Components Basic Full
Body Checks
Full Body
Advanced Full
Body Checks
Complete Blood Count
Lipid Profile
Liver Profile
Kidney Profile
Thyroid Profile
Vitamin Profile
Electrolytes Profile
Diabetes Profile
Iron Studies
Inflammation Marker
Gout Panel
Urine Analysis

Some general things to do before Full Body Checkup –

  • Prior to the check-up, at least get the sleep for 6 hours as lack of sleep may cause some abnormal results
  • Don’t eat anything and drink (except water) at-8-10 hours before the checkup
  • Don’t take alcohol at least 24 hour prior the test


For living a healthy life, Preventative healthcare is the only option. The full body checkup is not only to prevent diseases but also for maintaining health in the most favorable way. So, book now for Full Body Checkup at PlusPin, Hyderabad. There are many benefits like discounts at different tests, taking of samples from home and other offers. GET HEALTHY AND STAY HEALTHY!

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