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The coronavirus pandemic has made our life quite troublesome. Now we find more pathological labs, seeing a doctor regularly, and taking all possible measures to boost our immunity. Still, many of us are getting infected by a coronavirus. We cannot sit back at home; many jobs require working from the office or site. This is why it is necessary to know the covid-19 test centers near you. If you want to take the covid test in Hyderabad, you should look after the nearby test center. You should also get tested to keep yourself and your surroundings safe. Find covid test lab near me and take your test today.

When should you take the test?

If you are doing well, then it is not necessary to take the test immediately. In case if you are having any primary symptoms of covid infection, then you should get tested. If any of your office colleagues, your family member, or someone whom you met recently got tested positive, then you should take the test immediately. If you have recovered from a covid infection, then you should take the antibody test, which assures that you have enough antibodies to fight the virus in the future.

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus infection?

If you got infected, then you may experience some primary symptoms. Some of the patients do not experience any symptoms at all. On the other hand, some of the patients experience secondary or tertiary symptoms directly. Here are the symptoms that you should keep your eye on.

Primary symptom – Fever, dry cough, sneezing, Stomach disorder.

Secondary symptom – Body ache, headache, sleepy, unable to keep body balance.

Tertiary symptom – Breathlessness.

Who should take the test?

If a person has any of the covid symptoms, then he/she should immediately take the test.

If you are a frontline worker ( doctor, police, medical staff, hospital staff, garbage management staff, medicine shop runner ), take the test regularly. Because you are getting in contact with patients now and then. If not patients, you are coming in contact with the common public who may have a covid infection. This is why you should take the test every month or once in two months.

If your family member got infected with coronavirus and tested positive, you and the rest of the family should take the test. It is necessary to know the health condition of other family members.

For the safety of the citizen-government has launched the Arogya setu app. If the app says you came in contact with a covid infected person for a long time, then you should get tested. It is always suggested to take preventive measures as much as possible.

How to find a covid test center near you?

As the current generation entirely relies on the internet, you can find a covid test center near you through any browser. Search covid test near me and find your nearest center. If you cannot decide from the browsing results, you can ask your friends and family to suggest a center.

If you have a patient at home or older adults at home who cannot visit the center in person, there is an option to take the covid test at home. Search in browser covid test at home in Hyderabad, and you will find the labs or hospitals that are providing test services at home.

It is entirely safe and reliable to take the test from any ICMR Approved test centers in Hyderabad. Here is a list of covid test Centres in Hyderabad.

  1. Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills
  2. Vijaya Diagnostic Centre, Himayath Nagar
  3. Apollo Health, Bowenpally
  4. Vimta Labs, Cherlapally
  5. American Institute of Pathology, Serilingampally
  6. Dr. Remedies Labs, Punjagutta
  7. Yashoda Hospital, Secunderabad
  8. Medics Pathlabs, New Bowenpally
  9. Tenet Diagnostics, Banjara Hills
  10. Biognosys Technologies, Medchal
  11. Virinchi Hospitals, Banjara Hills
  12. Mapmygenome, Madhapur
  13. LEPRA Society, Cherlapally
  14. Krishna Institute, Secunderabad
  15. Pathcare Labs, Medchal
  16. Lucid Medical Diagnostics, Secunderabad
  17. AIG Hospitals, Gachibowli

Most of the above-mentioned test centers offer test at-home services. Ask them over call to book a test from home. They will collect the samples and send you the result within one or two days.

How much does the test cost?

If you are taking the test from a private lab or hospital, you will have to pay a sum of rupees 850. If the sample is collected from home, they will charge 1200 rupees—the cost of the test is free in government hospitals in most cases.

The treatment cost may differ in a different hospital. The government hospitals provide treatment utterly free of charge. So, the covid test and cost are not out of your budget. Don’t hesitate to get tested and stay safe. It is always suggested to take preventive measures like using sanitizer, washing your hand frequently, and wearing a mask covering your mouth and nose.

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