Cornflakes Vs Muesli: The Healthier Breakfast Option

For years, breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day for many potential reasons such as for a healthy body and a fresh mind. Starting the day with some nutritional intakes for our body keeps our body healthy and gives us the fuel for the rest of our hectic and long day.

In India, we have absolute varieties for Breakfast, and they differ in every state and region of India. Also, all these breakfast options nurture us and provide energy for all-day working. However, in today’s technology-driven and fast-moving life, we must consider nutrition and energy providing Breakfast, and it must be convenient to make.

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So, let’s know about our healthy and quick Breakfast, Cornflakes and Muesli; which one is healthier and why. But before that, know what a healthy or ideal breakfast consists of.

Constituents of a healthy breakfast:

Pluspin’s nutritional experts say that a healthy breakfast essentially contains whole grains socked or sprouted, low-fat dairy products like milk, curd, cottage cheese, or yoghurt, and some lean protein. Additionally, vegetables and fruits, including smoothies or juices, are healthy breakfast options if sugar is not added. We can also include some dry fruits and seeds like pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, or chia seeds in your regular Breakfast to make it healthier.

These foods are considered healthy as they provide much-needed fibre, proteins, complex carbohydrates, some essential fats. These foods restore nutrients in our bodies and make us feel full for hours.

At Pluspin, we do not support ready-to-eat food because they are not healthy, as claimed by sellers. Moreover, foods like ready-to-eat oats, poha, or upma have a good amount of preservatives and lack nutrients that we get from regular freshly prepared poha, oats, or upma.

However, mostly preferred ready-to-eat breakfast Cornflakes and Muesli are easy to make and have good nutritional composition. The question is which one (Cornflakes or Muesli) is better or healthier for breakfast and kick-start our day.

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Here at Pulspin, we will discuss these two most popular and easy breakfasts and drive a conclusion for a healthier option.

What is Cornflakes?

Cornflakes is a cereal-based breakfast made with milled corn, corn syrup, and added sugar. It is easy to digest as it is made of milled corn. Cornflakes consist of artificially added vitamins, iron, and other nutrients. It is a great option for tasty and quick to keep our tummy full. It becomes tastier when added with honey fresh or dry fruits.

What is Muesli?

Unlike Cornflakes, Muesli does not have only one cereal; rather, it is made by mixing nuts, various cereals, grains, and dehydrated fruits. We can eat muesli with simple milk, yoghurt, and fruit juices. It can be added with different toppings like honey or chocolate, or fresh fruits as per individual preferences. It is a power-packed and healthy food with necessary minerals, vitamins, fibre, and iron.

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Nutritional Comparison of Cornflakes and Muesli:

People prefer muesli and cornflakes as quick and healthy Breakfasts; however, both have some benefits and drawbacks.

Here we have listed some of the nutritional values of both muesli and cornflakes to determine which one is the healthier choice for Breakfast.

Total Fat:   Cornflakes lack healthy fats compared to muesli which has a rich composition of healthy fats that aids in weight loss practice.

Protein:    Both cornflakes and muesli are rich in different proteins because of cereals. Though in specific protein calculation, muesli wins as it has slightly more protein due to its added nuts and dehydrated fruits. However, the amount of protein from muesli also depends on what you are adding with it, like, seeds, fresh fruits, milk, or yoghurt.

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Fibre:   There is no doubt in it that muesli tops in fibre content as it has more than thrice fibre content that cornflakes, as it is made of different cereals like oats, wheat, rice, have nuts also.

Sugar:   Cornflakes come with added sugar and even corn syrup, increasing their sugar content. On the side, muesli has no added sugar, so diabetic patients can also have it as Breakfast.

Carbohydrates:  Cornflakes have simple carbs in sugar that cannot aid in weight loss or weight management. Whereas muesli consists of complex carbs, which makes it healthier than cornflakes, it also helps lose weight while giving us a feeling of full tummy for long hours.

TotalFat0.45.6 g

 Various Nutrients in Cornflakes and muesli:


From the above nutritional value comparison and the constituents of both cornflakes and muesli, we can conclude that muesli is a healthier and more beneficial breakfast option. However, both the options are healthy and easy options for Breakfast; we should not consume them in large quantities. They should be part of our balanced diet, not our actual diet. Along with these, we need to change our lifestyle and do regular exercise.

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