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Liver Function Test

What does one mean by Liver Function Tests?   It determines liver health by measuring proteins, liver enzymes, and bilirubin levels in the blood. It is also called ‘Liver Chemistries.’  In the following, it is recommended checking damage from liver infections along with monitoring the side effects of certain medications and diseases.  Also, If you drink alcohol heavily

Full Body Checkup in Hyderabad

Usually a person visits a doctor when he/she is experiencing a new problem or for the treatment of chronic illness. There are very few people who see a doctor regularly just for routine health checkups. And that’s the main problem. Many of us only see a doctor when we fix the issue through over-the-counter medications.

ICMR Approved Labs in Hyderabad for COVID Testing

The Telangana Government has finally given permission to ICMR-approved private labs and diagnostic centres in Hyderabad to conduct COVID-19 tests. Patients facing issues or symptoms of Severe Acute Respiratory Infections (SARI) and Influenza-like-Illnesses (ILI) are suggested to get their COVID-19 Test done through the ICMR Approved Labs in Hyderabad. In order to help, here is

Best Gastroenterologist In Hyderabad

Suffering from the gastrointestinal tract and liver disorders and don’t know what to do and who to visit? Well, nowadays, liver diseases and gastro-related disorders have become quite common among patients. However, the problem must be taken seriously. In order to get it treated, the gastroenterologist proves to be the best help. What does a