Best Gastroenterologist In Hyderabad

Suffering from the gastrointestinal tract and liver disorders and don’t know what to do and who to visit? Well, nowadays, liver diseases and gastro-related disorders have become quite common among patients. However, the problem must be taken seriously. In order to get it treated, the gastroenterologist proves to be the best help.

What does a gastroenterologist do?

Gastroenterologists have a specialization in analyzing and clear eating the disorders related to the gastrointestinal tract and the liver. They also perform routine procedures, including colonoscopies to cheque your colon inside out.

These specialists majorly focus upon:

  • The functions of the gastrointestinal organs
  • The movement of food in the digestive tract
  • The breakdown of the food or digestion
  • Nutrient absorption
  • Waste removal from the body

What conditions do the gastroenterologists treat?

Gastroenterologists help in diagnosing and treating issues or conditions like:

  • Colon Polyps
  • Colon Cancer
  • Celiac Disease
  • Hepatitis
  • Heartburn, Or Gastroesophageal Reflux (GERD)
  • Gallbladder Disease
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Pancreatitis

What Are The Most Common Signs And Symptoms Of Gastrointestinal Disorders?

People occasionally face problems related to their digestion or digestive tract. However, it is essential to understand that the symptoms are temporary or indicating towards a severe digestive disorder. The symptoms related to gastrointestinal diseases vary from very mild to intense. If you are facing the below-given symptoms again and again and also these are causing discomfort to you; then it’s the right time to consult the doctor. These are the most common signs and symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders:

  • Bloating and excess gas
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Heartburn
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal pain

When Should I Visit The Gastroenterologist?

In the above section, we have given the common signs and symptoms related to gastrointestinal disorders. If you are facing any of the above symptoms continuously or often, then you should visit the doctor. Apart from that, there are some severe and specific symptoms also that you should focus upon. If you are experiencing persistent heartburn or rectal bleeding or the presence of blood in the stool, then also you should definitely visit the gastroenterologist.

How Does A Gastroenterologist Cheque Your Stomach?

Procedures are carried out by the gastroenterologist to diagnose, treat and manage the condition.


In this procedure, the doctor uses a camera attached to a long thin tube. This equipment is known as an endoscope, and it helps in looking inside the body. The doctor inserts the equipment through your mouth down the throat to the esophagus. This helps them in diagnosing the images sent back to the screen. Usually, the endoscope process gets done when the patient faces problems like persistent heartburn, bleeding, swallowing issues, stomach pain, unexplained weight loss, or nausea and vomiting.

Colonoscopy And Sigmoidoscopy

This process is quite similar to endoscopy. However, rather than the mouth, in this, the doctor inserts the tube into the rectum. The doctor takes the entire column and rectum during the colonoscopy. In sigmoidoscopy, they only examined the rectum and lower colon.

Usually, these procedures are adopted by doctors when patients faced problems like abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, or unexplained weight loss. Also, if there are early signs of colon or rectum cancer, then also the procedure is adopted.

Can Gastroenterologists Treat Liver Diseases?

Yes, gastroenterologists are specialists in treating digestive organs and liver-related issues. They investigate, diagnose and treat all hepatological diseases along with gastrointestinal problems.

What Pancreatic Conditions Do The Gastroenterologists Treat?

Gastroenterologists treat pancreatitis disease. It is basically the inflammation in the pancreas. The severe cases of this problem can also cause life-threatening complications.

The specialists diagnose the problem with the help of Blood Tests, Stool Tests, Citi scans, Abdominal Ultrasound, Endoscopic Ultrasound, and MRI. On the basis of the tests and conditions, the problem gets treated.

Do Gastroenterologists Treat Colon Cancer?

If you are having early signs of colon cancer, then the gastroenterologist will perform the colonoscopy. However, in case of surgery, they refer you to colorectal surgeons. A colorectal surgeon is also known as a proctologist. They are the right person to treat Colon-related issues, especially colon cancer.

Does The Gastroenterologist Perform Surgery?

No, the gastroenterologist does not perform the surgeries. Their work is limited to diagnosing and medical treatments. However, they perform procedures like liver biopsy and endoscopic examinations of the stomach, intestine, and esophagus.

Can Gastroenterologist Treat Hemorrhoids?

Yes, these specialists can diagnose and treat hemorrhoid problems by providing medications and advising lifestyle modifications. However, the surgery will not be done by the gastroenterologist.

Hence, this was all about the specialist who can help you out in getting rid of the digestion and liver-related issues. If you are also looking for the best gastroenterologist in Hyderabad, then your search definitely ends here. Now you do not need to search like who the best gastroenterologist near me is? Just visit Pluspin and get connected with the specialists to get rid of your issues.

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