Complete Blood Count (CBC): Test, Types, Ranges

Full Blood Count (FBC) or Complete Blood Count (CBC) is the test performed to know about the cells in one’s blood, their size, and structure. The CBC’s report shows the information about blood cells, Haemoglobin, Haematocrit, Platelets, etc. This medical laboratory test is done for analyzing health and diagnosing diseases.

After the test, the result of the CBC is compared with the reference range for blood tests, which varies with age and sex. Any abnormality in the increase and decrease of cell counts indicates that the person has an underlying medical condition that needs further analysis.

Purpose To evaluate blood and report counts of
different blood components
Preparation No Special Preparation Required
Fasting No
Sample Type Blood test
Reporting Time 8 to 24 hours
Cost (INR) Rs. 300 to Rs. 500

A complete blood count test includes: – 

Several Red blood cells (which carry oxygen) The RBC indices describe conditions like Thrombocytopenia (abnormally low level of platelets) and anemia. It also tells the reason for anemia in individuals, such as deficiency in Vitamin B12 and iron.

Several White blood cells (which fight infection) – WBC indices helps in diagnosing bacterial, viral & parasitic infections and blood disorder (Leukaemia).

The concentration of Haemoglobin – The oxygen-carrying protein in red blood cells

Haematocrit (Volume % of RBC) The proportion of red blood cells to the fluid component, or plasma, in your blood

Platelets: Which helps with blood clotting?

Why is CBC done?

There are various reasons for doing complete blood count tests. Here are some of the reasons-

  • To diagnose a Medical Condition –

When an individual shows signs/symptoms like fever, inflammation, weakness, bruising, fatigue, or bleeding, the doctor recommends doing CBC. A complete blood count test helps the doctor in diagnosing the reasons for these symptoms and signs.

  • To keep track of Medical conditions –

If diagnosed with any blood disorder affecting the blood cell counts, then CBC will be used to monitor the individual’s condition.

  • To keep track of Medical Treatment –

CBC will also help monitor a person’s health if they are taking any medication that is affecting the blood cell counts.

  • To Review Overall Health

CBC is also done as a routine medical exam to keep track of one’s general health.

CBC’s Normal Range

The following table depicts the normal complete blood count for males and females –

  Components Males Females
Red blood cell count 4.35-5.65 trillion cells/L*
(4.35-5.65 million cells/mcL**)
3.92-5.13 trillion cells/L
(3.92-5.13 million cells/mcL)
Haemoglobin 13.2-16.6 grams/dL***
(132-166 grams/L)  
11.6-15 grams/dL
(116-150 grams/L)
Haematocrit 38.3-48.6 percent 35.5-44.9 percent
White blood cell count 3.4-9.6 billion cells/L (3,400 to 9,600 cells/mcL)
Platelet count 135-317 billion/L
(135,000 to 317,000/mcL)
157-371 billion/L
(157,000 to 371,000/mcL)
* L = liter; ** mcL = microliter; *** dL = decilitre

What does a CBC test measure?

Several important values are included in the CBC Report. Typically, it includes:-

● White blood cell count (WBC or leukocyte count)

WBC differential count

● Red blood cell count (RBC or erythrocyte count)

● Haematocrit (Hct)

Hemoglobin (Hbg)

● Mean corpuscular volume (MCV)

● Mean corpuscular hemoglobin (MCH)

● Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC)

● Red cell distribution width (RDW)

Platelet count

● Mean Platelet Volume (MPV)

Cost of CBC at Popular Labs

Name of Lab Test Cost
Dr. Lal Pathlabs Rs. 250 – Rs. 350 (City-based)
Thyrocare Rs. 400
Metropolis Healthcare Rs. 300 – Rs. 450 (City Based)
SRL Diagnostics Rs. 400


To look after one’s health and prevent the body from any disease, infections, and certain disorders, Doctors recommend doing the Complete Blood Count test. CBC will also help keep track of health and also maintain a healthy life ahead. If you want to do a complete blood count checkup of your body, you are welcomed at Pluspin. It is a trusted platform that has authorized pathologists who offer accurate results.

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